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Q&A with Styled by Juelle

Juelle Alexandra styled by Juelle
Juelle Alexandra, founder and CEO of Styled by Juelle.

If you keep up with Juelle Alexandra on Instagram, you'll know that she's been building up her image as personal stylist for a while now - and it's working for her. Alexandra is the founder and CEO at Styled by Juelle, a Florida-based personal and commercial styling business. We both live in South Florida, so I was immediately drawn to her versatile styles that could be adjusted for any kind of weather.

Styled by Juelle focuses on changing lives rather than just changing someone's wardrobe, making personal styling into a way to engage in self-care and not just a way to change up the materials in your closet. Here's what she had to say about her style, her business, and her best advice.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Versatile, Trendy, Unique.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would probably wear a black-ribbed turtleneck with short sleeves and my pinstriped, high-rise pants.

How has living in South Florida affected your sense of style?

With only one season, South Florida can affect your style because you can't truly show the different wardrobe options through seasons but I put on jackets on sunny days (even though I'm hot) just to switch it up.

Have you always been a stylist, or did you have a different career before?

I actually used to be a Store Manager, while styling on the side. But, I eventually decided to take that leap of faith about a year ago, and style full-time.

styled by juelle at work
Juelle at work.

You offer a variety of services, from a full closet reset to packing for a vacation or work trip. What's your favorite service to offer? Why?

My favorite service is my Personal Shopping because I have the opportunity to bring the department store to the client by hand selecting items I know will look amazing on them. I have been in customer service for over 12 years and I have always enjoyed getting to know people on a personal level. I try to incorporate that into all of my personal shopping service. Which is why I am "Changing Lives One Hanger at a Time."

What was the most memorable experience you've had with a client?

I think the most memorable experience I've had is saving a client half of what they wanted to spend. They were sooooooo surprised! It actually warmed my heart because I love helping my clients find a good deal.

Besides personal styling, you also do editorial, TV, movie, commercial, and celebrity styling. How did you find the right contacts to get into these industries?

Its all about who you know. I just networked and continued to put myself out there on social media. 80% of contacts I've made were from social media, and 20% from referrals. Its about leaving a good impression on the people you do work with.

fashion photoshoot styled by juelle
A photoshoot styled by Juelle.

Do you ever talk to your clients about budgeting for the clothes they want? What are your tips?

YES! Of course! I love finding a deal, especially when I'm shopping for my clients. The best tip I can give is when you see something you want, GOOGLE to see if you can find it for cheaper. There is a 50% chance you will. LOL.

Starting your own independent business can be a tough financial decision. How did you figure it out when you were just getting started?

Honestly, I went with the flow. Since I was little I knew my passion and I knew it would take a lot to get there including financial sacrifice. I've put in a lot of money towards my business and have taken financial hits. When I started I had a full-time job to back up those risks, but I've learned from them. Now, being an full-time entrepreneur I have to think smarter and I know that I can make those mistakes again.

On your Instagram, you emphasize the fact that personal styling is an investment in yourself. What do you mean by that?

People spend money to get their hair, nails and make up done to treat themselves. In this case, that's an investment. They're investing in themselves to look good for a career they have, to feel good, for their relationship, etc... Personal styling is that same invest, but in clothes. My goal is to provide a personal experience for my clients where they feel as if they are treating themselves. I had a client tell me "wow, I feel so special that I have a personal stylist! I don't have to go to the mall again!" Every one of my clients should feel like that, that they are investing in the wardrobe and saving time.

If your personal styling clients only learned one thing from working with you, what would you want it to be?

BE CONFIDENT! Clothes has a psychological impact on us everyday, whether we are aware of it or not. We dress how we feel, we literally wear our feelings on our sleeves. The goal is to be confident with everything you wear and own who you are!

Images courtesy of styledbyjuelle.com.

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