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On My Radar...February 19, 2019: Violette on Atelier Doré

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Violette Fr

I’ve been following Violette since Matilda, one of my favorite makeup YouTubers, mentioned her channel in a video. When I saw Violette featured on my favorite fashion blog this week, it became a symphony of favorites and I just had to take some time out of my workday to read her interview.

Violette is currently the Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder, and she has her own YouTube channel with charmingly Parisian makeup tutorials that are simple and easy to follow. Her Instagram is an array of millennial pink, artwork snapshots, airy landscapes, still lives, and the occasional enviable selfie. Violette is also a makeup artist in her own right. Her artist profile on Violet Grey is impressive, to say the least. Her clients include Léa Seydoux and Natalia Vodianova.

The blog Atelier Doré, founded by fashion influencer and creative Garance Doré, published an interview with Violette this week that focused on her taste for design, her pregnancy, and her incredible Brooklyn brownstone. The photos that accompany her interview give us a graceful look into her home and her life. She poses in flowy dresses, and we catch glimpses of the minimalist yet cozy space she shares with her partner Steven, a photographer.

Her love of jeans and dependence on Pinterest for interior design inspiration were about as relatable as it gets. Violette is the type of fashion figure that I would love to get a drink with - after the baby comes, of course.

I check this blog almost every morning, so you should definitely take a look around the site after you check out this interview. Read the interview here: Style Story / Violette

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