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On My Radar...March 19, 2019: 3 Brands I Love

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a Radar post. Don’t worry - after Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week ended, I’ve been finally getting back into my groove. Expect to see these on Tuesdays and Thursdays again!

Between doing Instagram posts for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week/Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week Magazine and spending way too much of my free time on my phone, I’ve been really getting into a few brands that have strong social media presences. ThreeDays-AWeek, Dear Frances, and Les Petits Basics have all caught my eye for different reasons. They’ve also really been testing my self-control as far as my wallet is concerned. Luckily, they have some great sales, so don’t be afraid to take a look.


This online vintage shop based in Connecticut was founded by a young woman named Nicola, who is only 20 years old. At 23, I suddenly feel very behind.

Nicola’s passion for styling led her to vintage clothing, and the rest is history. As someone who always has trouble finding the right vintage pieces, finding her site was a great discovery. And did I mention that most tops and bottoms cost less than $50?

Check out @threedaysaweek on Instagram to see Nicola herself modeling many of the vintage finds she has for sale.

Dear Frances

I’m not going to lie, Dear Frances shoes are pricy. Even the pairs on sale can go for over $300. Yet, the quality of their materials and the transparency of their process really make me think they might be worth saving for.

This company goes back to the basics, working directly with artisans in Italy and striving to responsibly source their leather. Additionally, for every pair sold, Dear Frances sends a new pair of shoes to someone in need.

Take a look at @dear_frances on Instagram for some classic, minimalist style inspiration.

Les Petits Basics

This is another brand that focuses on sustainability. Les Petits Basics uses factories in France, sustainable material, and a drop-shipping process that minimizes wasted stock. Their products are fun takes on classic colors and cuts. For example, they sell a plain white tee with “Deja Vu” printed along the neckline. Simple, but different. Subtle, but eyecatching. Everything they sell definitely fits the title of “The Little Basics.”

Les Petits Basics was founded just last year, so definitely show them some love on Instagram at @lespetitsbasics.

On My Radar... posts let you explore the media that’s on my mind. I post fashion Radar posts on Tuesdays and finance Radar posts on Thursdays.

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