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Fashion Week: Vero Beach Style

Runway shot from Vero Beach Fashion Week
Runway shot from Vero Beach Fashion Week

There was incredible excitement surrounding the first year of Vero Beach Fashion Week last Friday, which I was lucky to attend as a journalist for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week Magazine. Despite what the name implies, this was actually a one-night event created by Elisabeth Casaponsa, a branding expert from Barcelona now based in Vero Beach, Florida.

Casaponsa hosted the event at Walking Tree Brewery, a huge, hangar-like venue decorated with string lights and emanating a modern-industrial vibe. In the back of the building between rows of barrels and walls lined with huge stainless steel beer fermentation tanks, there was a catwalk surrounded by white chairs. DJ ReRe provided the electric beats for up-and-coming models to strut to while they showed off the local boutiques’ collections of resortwear.

Here are a few of my favorite boutiques from Vero Beach Fashion Week:

Sol Maya

Sol Maya

Sol Maya is a family-owned online shop that sells beautifully embroidered Mexican apparel and accessories. I’m used to seeing fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M profit off of traditional designs like this, so it was incredibly refreshing to see authentic Mexican products available closer to home. The family that owns the shop told me they travel to Mexico and source all their merchandise there. Multiple generations were at the vending booth, and all of the women and girls were wearing the detailed floral pieces that they sell. Sol Maya is delightfully charming and exceptionally authentic.

The Royal Palm Society

Royal Pam Society

When I met the owner of Royal Palm Society, Brooke Steinkamp, I was immediately charmed by her dedication to sustainability and giving back to communities in need. Royal Palm Society only carries brands that are sustainable, donate to charity, or both. Steinkamp told me about Slyk Shades, a sunglasses designer that plants a tree for every pair of glasses sold and donates to nonprofits that promote mental health. She also sells tonlé clothing, a zero-waste brand. As someone who loves ethical fashion, this shop was a no-brainer to add to my favorites list.

Sandra Roura Jewelry

Sandra Roura Jewelry

Sandra Roura is a jewelry designer from Barcelona. Roura’s lovely personality was evident upon meeting her, and she designs some of the best nature-themed jewelry I’ve seen. Her use of textured metals and natural symbols like shells and feathers create simple statements that never fail to impress.

Overall, the first edition of Vero Beach Fashion Week was a fun and entertaining success. I can’t wait for new editions of the event in years to come!

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