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'60s Parisian Chic: Antoine and Colette

Antoine and Colette Criterion Collection

The Criterion Channel recently launched its own streaming service, which is kind of like Netflix for film nerds. You can stream over 1,000 classic and independent films for $10.99 per month. This might sound like a lot, but if you wanted to hunt down all of these classics individually, it would cost you a fortune (and if you still aren’t sure about it, they have a free trial).

To start my journey through some classics, I watched some of the collection’s short films. One of them was called Antoine and Colette. Despite its under-30-minute run time, it packs an emotional punch - and a stylish one. The vignette of teenage love in 1960’s Paris gives a glimpse into the popular fashions of the time. And because thrifting vintage clothing is one of the most sustainable and ethical ways to shop, I wanted to share some inspiration.

Antoine is a 17-year-old troublemaker working for a living at a record shop. Then he meets Colette at one of the concerts they both frequently attend and starts to fall madly in unrequited love. Colette’s a pretty and aloof student who’s just trying to have fun, and her casual but sleek outfits reflect that attitude.

High-necked silhouettes, statement jewelry, and dark hues define Colette’s look and add to the mystery that draws in Antoine. Her hair is short but voluminous, with wispy bangs sweeping across her forehead.

Her thick, winged-out eyeliner is an obvious staple for any 60’s look. Otherwise, her makeup is simple and youthful, with all of the focus on the eyes.

In this shot, you can see that her buttoned coat has a bit more of a ‘50s, flared-out line below the waist. It’s a nice feminine touch to her modern and relaxed looks.

Want to steal some of Colette’s ‘60s style? Like I said, thrifting for vintage clothes is the most sustainable way to go. If your local shop doesn’t happen to have these styles, there are plenty of ethical options to choose from.

For a high neckline without sacrificing comfort, try the Almora Modal dress from Know the Origin. It’s ethically made in India with eco-friendly materials.

To get the perfect cat-eye, try W3ll People’s Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner on Credo. This conscious beauty brand developed this eco-friendly liner to be water-resistant and easy to apply.

Finally, top off the look with a long-lasting trench coat from Thought Clothing on BuyMeOnce. You can cinch in the waist with the belt for a silhouette similar to Colette’s jacket.

All images from the Criterion Collection.

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